Worried you won't like your photos?

I get it! Being in front of a camera is already intimidating. Getting professional photos is also an investment! So, how do you ensure you get photos that you love? Keep reading to learn my tips and tricks!

Wear an Outfit You Feel Comfortable In

Let me be honest with you. If you are wearing an outfit that you don't feel comfortable wearing, or are wearing one because it looked cute on someone else, you will most likely not like the outfit in the photos either! Wearing clothes you are comfortable in also ensures you are relaxed during the session! A relaxed session is a happy session.

Be True to Yourself

Don't follow trends if you are just trying to fit in! I am all for following trends as long as you FULLY love the trend. Although if you end up following a trend only because it is trending, you most likely will not love the photos because it is not something you truly love! I also recommend doing lots of research on what type of location you are wanting and what "vibe" you are going for! If you don't quite know what location or have any questions on choosing any of the details your photographer (me) will help you find ideas!

Do Research on your Photographer

This may be my biggest advise I will give. Doing proper research is a BIG make or break deal! Do you like their editing style? How do they deliver photos? Do they offer prints? Ask them for a full gallery! If you don't like something like their editing style then you will not like any of your photos.

Go With the Flow

I always tell people before we start sessions, (especially family sessions) to just go with the flow! Being relaxed is the key to being your most authentic self. With family sessions specifically it is important to go with the flow with your kids ESPECIALLY if they are young. Let them run! Let them get messy! It creates a more authentic vibe to your photos and it is much less stressful as parents to just let your kids be kids during your session.