First off may I just say CONGRATS!!! You're engaged! Since you are here, I assume you are on the fence about engagement photos. You may be thinking, "Why are they so important? " Keep reading to see why I think you should value taking engagement photos. Even though they aren't the decision maker on whether or not you live "happily ever after," they are important!

Being Engaged is Something to Celebrate

Not only is being engaged a big life milestone, but it is so much more! It is a celebration of your love. You have agreed to marry your partner! Getting engagement photos ensures that you and your fiancé have something special to commemorate this moment in time. It's time to celebrate your love!

Get to Know Your Photographer

An engagement shoot is a good way to get to meet and know your wedding photographer (aka hopefully me). You will see your photographer's workflow and personality! It is also a great way to almost "test run" with your photographer before the big day! You can build some trust behind your photographers finished images. Even I benefit from getting to know you! Knowing your personalities and quirks helps me capture them in pictures!

Self Expression as Partners

You can capture this moment in a way that feels true to you as a couple. You can have them taken in a meaningful location! Maybe you had your first date at a local coffee shop and would like to take your photos there? Maybe you and your fiancé just really enjoy the outdoors and want to do an outdoorsy shoot! The choices are endless!!!

You'll Have Photos for Wedding Purposes

Not only is it a great way to announce your engagement, but it can be used to announce all your other wedding related things! You can use them for save the dates, thank you cards, a wedding website, guest book, etc.. You can also give them out to friends and family!

Grow More Comfortable in Front of a Camera

Having time to get in front of a camera before your wedding day is a huge stress reliever! You have time to get comfortable with the feeling of being in front of a camera. It can definitely be nerve-wracking, especially if you have never taken couples pictures together before. Since you will have been in front of the camera before wedding day, you will be much more comfortabe!

A Chance to have Fun Before the Planning Begins

I am going to be honest with you, planning a wedding can be stressful! It's a lot of hard work! This is a good chance for you and your fiancé to connect in a romantic and fun way before all the decisions are made. You can almost treat is like a fun date night with each other!

Wedding & Lifestyle Photography

Capturing light, feelings & moments and all the things in between people and life.

Your engagement photos should be fun and beautiful. As a practically professional third wheel, I love to capture each couple's unique personalities. I strive to give my clients the best I can give and I put my all into each and every session and wedding! I would LOVE to help you check taking engagement photos off your to do list! You can inquire with me through the link below. I check my email daily Monday-Friday and will get back with you asap!